World War II: Unheard Memories - Episode 1

The first part of our documentary telling Deaf people's stories of living in wartime Britain for the first time.

Documentary. In World War II: Unheard MemoriesDeaf people tell their previously hidden stories about living in wartime Britain in their own language, British Sign Language. In this episode, we find out how they felt when war was declared, and discover what it was like to live during the Blitz. This programme was directed by Angela Spielsinger, and produced by Camilla Arnold for Remark Media.

This is Episode 1 of 2; you can watch Episode 2 here.

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  • Very imformative. Thank you for the time and effort to give others a perspective unlike what has been seen and heard.
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  • Awesome. Thank all you.
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  • Very very interesting perspective and one I had not considered and or heard before.  Helped me with my understanding of sign language while Im learning it and also of history and the impact it had on people who were without hearing.
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  • brilliant feature well reported very moving.
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  • Lovely documentary, my only question was why wasn't the commentary that was subtitled signed? Whenever individuals signed, there were subtitles but when there weren't any individuals but simply pictures describing the history, there was no signing...If there is speaking then the signs need to show up as well to be fair :)
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  • Wonderful to show this programme and especially all older people are very good memory. Thank you for their sharing us your memories in Real BSL story, It cause me feel scary .....
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  • Very well : given only half hour.
    At Liverpool, there were lot of bombing and damaging affecting many Deaf persons living there. Some homes were wiped out and killed and some luck for others escaped/saved. When the German invaded France at last point to submission and facing just water channel to cross to England, Goring assured hitler that my Luftwaffe force will destroy all British Air force in 4 weeks. Even Churchill was considering hand up and gave up in agreement with others who considered our situation as hopeless. We were alone. But Churchill became firmer : no surrender or becoming slaves to hitler taking over our Buckingham Palace and Blackpool tower or 10 Downing street. We fight on and on at great costs. We know the rest of History. But to be fair to Russia: they did most to kill off Nazi.
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  • After seeing the film think it marvelous
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  • That is very interesting.
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  • Amazing story
    Of course very emotional
    Great telling about WW1 with deaf experiences. It would be benefit for deaf children because they can learn about it relate History in their schools.
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  • Really good programme to watch.. will watch again. Hope it will be shown in Deaf/mainstream schools and around Deaf community
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  • Fascinating to see a different aspect of this story- such different times- and directly from those involved, which gives it such a gritty, sincere feeling.
    This should be shown on television to reach a wider audience
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