Dot's Legacy

Nadia Nadarajah examines the life and legacy of Deaf poet, playwright and activist Dot Miles, who died in 1993.

27m 43s

Documentary (2018). In her diary, Dorothy "Dot" Miles wrote "My biggest dream is to write something that will live on after me."  As a child, Nadia Nadarajah was inspired to become an actress when she saw Dot sign Trio on See Hear.  In Dot's Legacy, Nadia goes on a personal journey to find out more about Dot's groundbreaking poetry and asks four Deaf poets and VV artists to sign her poems and explain how her work has influenced them.  It is often said that Dot was ahead of her time and set the foundations of BSL poetry; watch this documentary to find out more about her pioneering work.  Featuring Paul Scott, John Wilson, Zoe McWhinney and David Sands.  Produced and directed by Cathy Heffernan; a Blue Marlin Television production for BSLBT.

If you want to watch uncut versions of the poems shown in this programme, you can find them here.

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