Deaf Victorians

A documentary about the fascinating lives of three Deaf Victorians.

28m 0s

Documentary with dramatic inserts (2017).  Starring some well-known modern Deaf actors, Deaf Victorians shows us what life was like for Deaf people in Victorian times.  In the 1870s, the centre for the Deaf community in London was St Saviour’s Deaf Church, which was more than just a place of worship.  We learn about the lives of Charles Webb Moore, Jane Elizabeth Groom and Skirving Thomson; three very different people who were all connected via the church.  Features input from experts and one of the Deaf Victorians’ present day family members. A Deaf Heritage and Nextshoot co-production, written, produced and presented by Norma McGilp.

Winner of Best Screenwriter at Deaffest (2017)



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