Senior Management Team

Camilla Arnold new.jpg

Camilla Arnold

Chief Executive
Caroline Fearon new.jpg

Caroline Fearon

Deputy Chief Executive
Rhiannon Nash new.jpg

Rhiannon Nash

Head of Production

Communications and Distribution Team

Jen Dodds new.jpg

Jen Dodds

Audience Engagement Manager
Spiros Dimoulis new.jpg

Spiros Dimoulis

Audience Engagement Officer
Jen Clarke new.jpg

Jen Clarke

Distribution Executive
Mariam Qazi new.jpg

Mariam Qazi

Finance Officer

Commissioning Team

Julian Peedle-Calloo new.jpg

Julian Peedle-Calloo

Factual Commissioner
Cathy Heffernan new.jpg

Cathy Heffernan

Factual Commissioner
Charlie Swinbourne new.jpg

Charlie Swinbourne

Drama Commissioner
Keri Atkins new.jpg

Keri Atkins

Production Executive
Steph Burke new.jpg

Stephanie Burke

Production Executive
Clo Sterling new.jpg

Clo Sterling

Business Affairs Executive

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