Who cares?

A documentary about care for elderly Deaf people.

25m 59s

A documentary (2013) that looks at care provision in England for three elderly Deaf people. Beatrice has been living alone since her son died and looks forward to visits from her SignHealth worker. Stephen is in his 90s and would like to live in a residential home but is torn between choosing a care home in London near his friends or the nearest home for Deaf people, which is in Kent. Meanwhile, Alan, who has Parkinson's, has moved into Wynfield House, a care home for Deaf people in Blackpool, where his wife visits three times a week.  Directed by Camilla Arnold, filmed and produced by Louis Neethling for Mutt & Jeff Pictures.

Winner of Best Documentary at Deaffest (2013); Best Foreign Film at Finland Sign Language Film Festival (2013); Best Director (Camilla Arnold) at Cinedeaf (2013); Documentary Award at Picture This (2013)



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