I Want To Change The World

Meet Daniel, a Deaf teenager who wants to make the world a better place, with the introduction of a BSL GCSE and more!

28m 2s

Documentary (2019).  As the only BSL user in a school of over 900 pupils, Daniel has a dream: to be able to take a GCSE in British Sign Language. He embarks on a journey to meet his Deaf campaigner heroes, including Dr Paddy Ladd, David Buxton and Jen Dodds. They give him campaign tips, which he puts to use in his own campaign, with a public demonstration at Trafalgar Square. It’s a race against time as his GCSEs are fast approaching - will a GCSE in BSL be ready in time for Daniel?  Filmed, produced and directed by Sebastian Cunliffe; a Drummer TV production for BSLBT.

Winner of Best Documentary at Seattle Deaf Film Festival (2020);  Best Documentary at Deaf Rochester Film Festival (2020); Children's award at RTS West of England (2020); Best Children's Programme at Broadcast Awards (2021).



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