A drama documentary about the life of Deaf poet, playwright and activist, Dorothy Miles.

Drama documentary.  Dot is about the life of Dorothy “Dot” Miles, who died in 1993.  It tells how she was born hearing but later became deaf through meningitis, and was very passionate about sign languages, poetry, English, theatre and music.  Dot was also bipolar and struggled with her mental health, as explained by two of her Deaf friends and her hearing niece, who also talk about her final few hours and death.  This is the first time that any of her family members have talked about this openly and publicly.  Featuring dramatised scenes with Sophie Stone, Jean St Clair and newcomer Jovita Bodamer-Macgregor playing Dot in different stages of her life.  Produced by Cathy Heffernan and directed by Bim Ajadi; a Blue Marlin Television production for BSLBT.

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  • Superb- possibly the best thing BSLBT have made. Seb
    Posted on
  • Powerful. 
    Thank you x
    Posted on
  • Wonderful story.
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  • Well done to everyone involved in making 'Dot.'
    This is a brilliant programme, a great tribute to Dot and her achievements, which is really beautifully shot and directed.
    The three actresses are fantastic, as are the contributors who talk about knowing her and what she was like.
    It's lovely that there's now an online film about her life that Deaf people across the world can watch and find out all about her, along with last week's documentary.
    Thank you for making this, I'm think Dot would have been very proud.
    Charlie Swinbourne
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