Zoom 2014: Does Deaf Football have a Future?

Watch Thomas Giddens' documentary about the future of Deaf football

Short documentary. Deaf football dates back to 1871. But what is the future for Deaf people playing the game? In this programme, Philip Gardner, and Chris Beech from Team GB Deaf Football talk about the team's achievements and explain some of the barriers facing Deaf football coaches. Then we meet William Palmer, a Deaf footballer who plays for both Deaf and hearing teams at under 13 level. Is he the future star of the GB Deaf team? This is director Thomas Giddens's first film, and was made as part of BSLBT Zoom 2014 filmmaking scheme.


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  • Love BSL zone
    Posted on
  • seem good but i disagree most player is oral cant sign as the tile say Deaf GB but most is not as oral than sign BSL it need change all deaf player who is strong BSL
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  • Just as historian. Starting as Children and Youth which mean boarding schools or active Deaf Clubs. At Boston Spa in 1950's they had first and second teams on one field and third and 4th at other second field as well as 5th and sixth field for those just came out as infants on smaller field. What is now ? Empty and unused.
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  • Well Done Thomas. You did it.
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  • Wow! A proud mum! I always knew Thomas would leave his mark. He has always loved football, all sports, from as soon as he could walk! Always interested in the issues and greater community concerns. This documentary clearly shows the concerns around Deaf football and Thomas' own passion for the game and for his community. Inspiring! Brilliant! You go Tom and change the world! :) :)
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  • Well done Thomas...
    Good documentary...
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  • Interesting programme although I am not a football fan. Half of Philip Gardener's face was in shadow in dark room so it is uncomfortable to watch, also could not see the gold medal clearly as it again was in shadow. Clear view of face is important in Deaf Culture.
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  • Wow very interesting film i loved it i am 15 and i dont play football much but im more interested now :)
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  • Very interesting and engaging short documentary. Thanks
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