World War II: Unheard Memories - Happy Memories

Watch Deaf people's stories of their happy memories despite living through WW2

6m 25s

Documentary (2014). In World War II: Unheard Memories, Deaf people tell their previously hidden stories about living in wartime Britain in their own language, British Sign Language. After the original two episodes were released, there were six clips of remarkable stories that didn't make it into the final programmes. In this short documentary, about happy memories despite the war, Jackie McLean from Peterhead explains how they were not hungry during the war, Charles Herd from Surrey remembers the relief felt at the news that the war had ended, Dennis Anthony from Lancaster remembers collecting silver strips that had fallen from planes. We also see stories from Fred Cuddeford from London, Bernard Hatton from Rochdale, Leslie Masters from London, Clive Davis from Farnham, and Freda Berridge from Surrey.

You can watch the original episodes; Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.



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