September 11th (Zoom 2012)

An account of a young Muslim woman’s experiences after the events of September 11.

11m 1s

Short film (2012). Drama about the impact of the September 11th terror attacks in New York on Deaf people living many miles away. When a young Muslim girl sees people looking at her strangely in a cafe, she knows something is wrong. After finding out about 9/11, her life at home, school and her Deaf club are affected. This film looks at both hearing and Deaf attitudes to ethnicity following world events. Based on a true story, September 11th was directed by Raabia Hussain as part of the BSLBT’s Zoom filmmaking scheme.

Winner of Best Actress (Aliya Gulamani) at Deaffest (2013); Best Actress (Aliya Gulamani) at International Sign Language Festival (2014)



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