World War II: Unheard Memories - Hard Times

Watch Deaf people's stories of living through hard times during World War II

4m 28s

Documentary (2014). In World War II: Unheard Memories, Deaf people tell their previously hidden stories about living in wartime Britain in their own language, British Sign Language. After the original two episodes were broadcast, there were six clips of remarkable stories that didn't make it into the final programmes. In this short documentary, about hard times during the war, Harold Mold from Derby explains how he went with the police to help make gas masks, Gertie Wills from Bristol remembers rationing, Charles Herd from Surrey tells how a bomb destroyed houses in a nearby street and Alexa McLean from Peterhead remembers missing her parents.

You can watch the original episodes; Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here.



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