Wicked 3: Programme 7

Magazine show with Nadia and Lee from Bristol

Magazine series for the signing community. Wicked goes fire-walking with Piers Kittel - will Nadia Nadajarah and lee Robertson go through with it? (Do NOT try this at home!) We also spend a Day in the Life of florist Ellie Monk. To add to this, we all get to meet one of the most famous Deaf British painters, Joshua Reynolds, with Sharon Hirshman. Again, The Fingerspellers continues...

This is Episode 7 of Series 3; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.

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  • Just want to drop a message of your Wicked Show Series 3 was absolutely fantastic show. The firewalk was a real wicked!

    It remind me the opposite of the firewalk. 10 years ago, My wife Judy and I were playing in the bonspiel curling in Edmonton. After the curling games over. There was a special cash pot to throw a rock into the button and win the pot with understand it has to be barefoot not with the curling shoes and socks. Barefoot on the curling sheet period! And we did it twice!!

    It was a real challenge and experience! And no, we didn't win the pot!

    Love the Wicked shows. Keeping it up

    Grant Robertson
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Posted on
  • I heard about the fire walking but I didn't know UK have the fire walking. I do want part of it.
    Posted on

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