Here/Not Here

Deaf hip hop music drama exploring sign language, dance, football and Visual Vernacular (VV).

29m 20s

Music drama (2020).  Here/Not Here combines elements of dance, especially Krump and hip hop, with football, BSL and Visual Vernacular (VV), a poetic and choreographic form of sign dance.  It looks at how movement is language.  The setting is a run-down space that three different gangs, footballers, Krumpers and VV-ers, all think of as their own.  The story is about how, despite our competing differences, we can find a common language through movement to communicate and collaborate.   The film was written by Jonzi D, directed by Bim Ajadi and created in collaboration with the cast.  An Artemisia Films production for BSLBT.

If you enjoyed this, you’ll love Look Here/Not Here!



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