You, Me, Garden? Transforming Leeds: Part 1

The You, Me, Garden? team face their biggest challenge yet: transforming the neglected garden of Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People.

27m 58s

Gardening makeover programme (2024).  This is the You, Me, Garden? team’s biggest challenge to date as they have a garden to transform that belongs to a vibrant Deaf community in Leeds!  As always, the clock is ticking, and the team has less than 4 days to complete the makeover before the community gathers for a BBQ and the big reveal garden.  Unfortunately, things don't go quite as well as expected and the team fall behind on schedule.  Can Clara Allardyce rally round the team and get the plan back on track?  Produced, directed and edited by Sebastian Cunliffe, a Drummer TV production for BSLBT.



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