I've Unplugged

A Swiss documentary about people who have chosen to disconnect their cochlear implants.

Rolf, brother and sister Samuel and Laurence, and Dimitri were all given implants as children. They share their experiences with us and explain why they have ‘unplugged’.  

The programme is made in French sign language with English subtitles

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  • Video fantastic WOW.  I been go deaf slowly since age 14 years. Now 57.  Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (Cochlear make) receive 2013 because hearing normal up down up down.  Bone hearing not bad but all sounds inside if not really loud.  I learn BSL 3-4 years ago - WOW now understand friends.  BAHA broke 2 years - on off not possible.  Clinic say 3 months to repair - me forget it.  2 weeks him work again but noises hear - words not understand.Been Baha on sometimes but what for??? Hearing people say must - deaf friends say no me choose.Me happy sign - yes hearing miss but depress nothing.  Video been help decision BAHA no use - finish.
    Film thank thank - understand them cochlear off why - sitiation mine same.
    Your help thanks Fantastic
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  • I would just like to say, my son was implanted at 8 and it has been an extremely positive experience.He is 30 years old. He has traveled all over North America speaking and signing to the Deaf and hard of hearing. He has both speaking and signing friends.  He has always opened his heart to support kids  in the deaf and hard of hearing world. Thx proud Mom
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  • Interested documentary.
    Surprised there are very low numbers to removed off the implants in Swiss.
    It seemed the cochlear implaints are still strong here today with the high numbers.
    I think it doesn't helping or impact to the hearing parents or deaf adult to decide for the cochlear implaints because here in UK about over 10,000 every year ongoing.
    I don't know how many removed the implaints in this country.
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  • I agree that every deaf person should have the choice.  Please also understand that parents are in a difficult spot when it comes to implants.  The earlier they are put in, the more likely the child is to be able to use them well and understand speech.  By age 8, the odds of success go down drastically.  So when these parents say "I should have done it earlier", they are not saying that children should have less choice, but rather that their own hesitation may have led to the procedure being a waste.
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  • These are very positive stories about Deaf people who have taken their own decisions and set out to assert their own identities. 
    It's clear that none of them was in a position to make a properly informed decision for themselves at the point where they were put forward for implantation. Unfortunately, some of the messages that come across from hearing people, including parents, is that the implantation should take place when chidlren are even younger and even less able to have any input in the decision that will affect the rest of their lives. So what happens when children who are implanted in infancy decide at a later age that they are not happy with the decision that was taken on their behalf? Certain things have been done to them, without their informed consent, that are completely irreversible. 
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  • This is one of the most important documentaries out there right now - I can't tell you how much I appreciate this documentary! Parents are so greatly misinformed and we really need more of THIS!!! Thank you, thank you!
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  • This is a very good video. I don't know BSL to leave a video comment but I do want to thank you for producing this video to give the world the other side of the story.
    Meaning after the "child" becomes of age and makes their own decision. No technology is 100 percent perfect in the objective.And it's great to see that it's okay to realize some things will fail and these folks understood that and decided to remove the CIs.
    The important thing here is communication can succeed when people stop trying to dominate and learn to break through to the same page of understanding whether it's sign language, spoken language, or written language.I look forward to checking out more of your videos.
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  • it interesting about Cochlear Implants  become like Hearing Person in Hearing World.  I agree about Cochlear Implants is waste of time and lots of money but I agree about Most of Deaf poeple like have wear Hearing Aids and use BSL in Deaf World. I always have wear Hearing Aids, Use lip reading, and BSL. I am profoundly Deaf. My family is hearing. I like watch BSL Zone on video, becasue it interesting about what's the best opportunity of Deaf World. Also Hearing World need be aware, more BSL with interpreter, etc. Thanks. Pamela
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