Casting call (four roles) for a new drama

Posted on 13th July 2021

Screen Northants and Sondes Films are casting for the four main characters of The Cuckoo Bird, a dark psychological drama about a Deaf boy who is groomed and lured into a gang and criminal activities (county lines).  The characters are:

  1. Jay: acting age 16, Deaf BSL user
  2. Robin: acting age 35+, Deaf BSL user
  3. Grace: acting age mid 20s to early 30s, Black Deaf Sign Language user
  4. Koo: acting age 18-22, hearing, has ADHD and/or language disorder, speaks in roadman slang

If you want to audition: You will need to film yourself and email the video to

  • Jay is a shy, bright and a talented artist, but he has low self-esteem because he’s bullied at school. He also has a lot of problems at home and feels pressurised to “man up” and support his mother more.
    If auditioning, this is what you have to self-film:
    Your mother asks you where your missing football boots are. You’re a bit embarrassed because the school bullies have taken your boots. You want to confide in your mum, but find it hard to do so.
  • Robin is always exhausted because she works long hours juggling three jobs for little money. Inside, she is tough and resilient and wears a smile on her face. Her main focus is her son, Jay and they are close.
    If auditioning, this is what you have to self-film:
    Jay’s behaving strangely he is rude and looks haggard. You’re suspicious, thinking it could be drink or drugs. Sensitively, you try to draw him out.
  • Grace is sporty and was in the Deaf women’s Olympic football team. Deaf kids look up to her as a role model. She’s a strong Deaf professional woman, a social worker respected by her colleagues and the police.
    If auditioning, this is what you have to self-film:
    A boy in the football team has a new friend. You feel something isn’t quite right and you’re suspicious. You ask where they met, to sensitively find out more.
  • Koo is about 18-22. He’s hearing and has ADHD or a language disorder. He’s a cool and charismatic roadman. In the past at school, he was vulnerable and was bullied.  He failed educationally, leading to him dropping out, lured by gangs and crime. He changed character becoming a ruthless manipulative predator. He speaks in roadman slang, possibly London or Birmingham.
    If auditioning, this is what you have to self-film:
    You see a Deaf boy being bullied. You call him over to tell him to hard up and confront the bullies.

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