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Zoom 2012: Little World

Award-winning animated film about a young Deaf girl

Animated drama in black and white that uses beautiful visuals to bring a Deaf girl’s world at a Victorian boarding school to life. Painstakingly created by animators across the world, Little World has been compared to the animated classic Persepolis, winning awards for its experimental storytelling. The debut short film from Becky Bailey, Little World was written by Ted Evans (who directed The End) and was made as part of the BSLBT’s Zoom filmmaking scheme.

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Aw what a lovely cartoon flim. It is good! i liked it. Hope there will be more to come?

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Loved this film. Beautifully made. Thanks for sharing.
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That was so beautiful, I think that more messages like these should be sent out more, an inspiring story that similar to my dad who passed away last year thumb up to Becky
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This film is typical for some of my students at California School for the Deaf - Fremont. I love this film but I did not realized till I read some comments from viewers the character sign SSE other than BSL. Can this be revise into BSL?
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Lovely cartoons and design for this film, congatulation to makers. Would have liked more BSL and less SSE at the beginning for NAME? The black and white is very effective and give a sense of the past -Victorian era.
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hi i really love this story and made my feelings sad because father died aww but i like people who draw this story i maybe make a story for my own
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Susan and I think it is brilliant
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Good story.
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