Live stream 4: 7th February 2018 (Dot Miles)

Clark Denmark, Jean St Clair, Cathy Heffernan and Dr Paddy Ladd discuss Dot Miles.

60m 45s

Live streamed programme.  Produced by BSLBT, with multi camera facilities by Inside Broadcast Ltd and vision mixing by Thomas Giddens, and originally streamed via Facebook Live.  Clark Denmark discusses the legendary Deaf poet, Dorothy "Dot" Miles, with Cathy Heffernan, who worked on Dot and Dot's Legacy, and two of Dot's personal friends, Dr Paddy Ladd and Jean St Clair, who also plays a version of her in Dot. Who was Dot, what was it like to make programmes about her, and, as she died 25 years ago, what did they think she might have thought of them? 

Read an English transcript of the interview here.



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