Live stream 24: 7th May 2022 (Deaffest)

Raabia Hussain chats to Nikki Stratton, Marilyn Willrich, Louis Neethling, Teresa Garratty and Giles Bowman.

17m 33s

Live streamed programme, recorded at Deaffest on 7th May 2022.  Produced by BSLBT and originally streamed via Facebook Live.  Presenter Raabia Hussain chats to Deaffest founders Nikki Stratton and Marilyn Willrich, plus filmmakers Louis Neethling, Teresa Garratty and Giles Bowman.  They discuss what it's like to be back at Deaffest after three years, how they managed to make films and TV programmes working within COVID-19 restrictions... and how they felt at being nominated for Deaffest awards!

An English transcript for this programme is available in PDF - click here to view.




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