Live stream 20: 10th June 2020 (Lockdown BBQ Live!)

Fifi Garfield joins Yvonne Cobb and Reg Cobb remotely, as they cook a lockdown BBQ.... live.

65m 16s

Live streamed programme, recorded on  10th June 2020.  Produced by BSLBT and originally streamed via Facebook Live. Presented by Fifi Garfield, joined remotely by Yvonne Cobb and Reg Cobb, who showed off their fabulous BBQ cooking talents, cooking several delicious dishes while answering questions from Fifi and the audience!

If you want to try out the recipes in this live streamed programme, you can download them below:

Yvonne's stuffed vegan peppers (text-only version here)

Tasty quinoa salad (text-only version here)

Barbequed jerk seasoned chicken with charred ciabatta bread (text-only version here)

Barbequed figs with cream or ice cream and mint leaves (text-only version here)



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