Close Up 1: Doug Alker

Doug Alker is interviewed by Tessa Padden about his life and career.

Chat show. Close Up is the BSL Zone's four-part series of in-depth interviews with well-known Deaf people. In this episode, Tessa Padden interviews Doug Alker, who tells her where he got his leadership qualities from, what happened in his time at RNID and the BDA, and his strengths and weaknesses. Produced by Bob Duncan and Dawn Marshall at Becoming Visible.

Nominated for Presenter of the Year (Tessa Padden) at the Royal Television Society North East and Border Centre Awards (2016)

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  • Really interesting. Am learning BSL so this is great to help me improve my skills too!
    Posted on
  • Disappointed! Not with the interview but I was disappointed when the half hour flew by!

    I'm aware that there is more material on the cutting room floor!

    I felt that Tessa did well to get more out of Doug, a very private man.

    I liked the bit, when Doug grudgingly had to describe himself as a "Gritty Crusader"!

    It has been a week since I watched it but I am still dwelling about some of his comments!

    We need him back in the national Deaf world!
    Posted on
  • I just want to say how much I am enjoying these new programmes called "Close up". I am looking forward to watching Rubbena.
    I hope you keep on broadcasting the BSL on TV.
    Congratulation and a big THANK YOU.
    Posted on
  • A worthwhile half-hour, would like to see this as an one hour programme like Piers Morgan's Life Stories with clips / photos.
    The Close-Up interview with a pioneering Deaf Activist has made us wanting more!
    Posted on
  • I enjoyed most of the interview but I would have liked some of his answers to be questioned in more depth.
    Posted on
  • Wow that was very gritty and a wake up call with the deaf community and with our edication. Amazing achievements for Doug and pleased to hear he is still at it, making it happen for many more deaf generations!
    Posted on
  • A great programme and interview.

    Doug is amazing and inspiration to deaf community.

    Posted on
  • Really enjoyed this interview and I am looking forward to the others to follow. Well presented in a relaxed manner. Felt like They were both sitting in my living room. The voice over was well matched too. Well done.
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