Close Up 3: Paddy Ladd (Part 3)

Tessa Padden interviews Dr Paddy Ladd about how he came to create the word ‘Deafhood’ in 1993.

27m 56s

Chat show (2018). The third series of Close Up, the BSL Zone's in-depth interviews with well-known Deaf people. In this episode, Tessa Padden interviews Dr Paddy Ladd about his experiences and research which led him to come up with the word ‘Deafhood’ in 1993. Now, 25 years later, Deafhood Studies have taken off all over the world. However, this ground-breaking work has been achieved at the cost of suffering and loss in his personal life. A BSLBT production, produced by Tessa Padden and Bob Duncan.

This is Part 3 of 3; watch Part 1 here or Part 2 here.



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