The End (Zoom Focus 2011)

Drama: What happens to the Deaf world when deafness is 'cured'?

24m 7s

Award-winning drama made in a documentary style (2011). The End portrays the impact of a revolutionary ‘treatment’ that offers Deaf people the chance to become hearing. As a group of Deaf children grow up, we find out how the ‘treatment’ affects their futures as they decide whether to take it or not. With the political and medical professions pushing the idea of a ‘cure,’ a unique culture is threatened with extinction, and lives and relationships are changed. The End is director Ted Evans’s second film, and was made as part of the BSLBT’s Zoom Focus scheme.

Winner of Honorable Mention at Deaffest (2011); Best Film at Clin d'Oeil (2011); Best Short Drama at Seattle Deaf Film Festival (2012); best Short Film at Cinedeaf (2012); Best Film at Irish Deaf Film Festival (2012); Best Film at Look and Roll Festival (2012); Best Director (Ted Evans) at Deaffest (2013); International TV Award of Sign Language Productions from SVT (2014), and Audience Award at Nottingham Alternative Film Network (2015)



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