Wicked 4: Programme 8

Magazine show with Lilli and Lee from Monkshill Farm, Margate

23m 33s

Magazine series for the signing community. In this episode, presenters Lee Robertson and Lilli Risner drive the Wicked campervan to Monkshill Farm in Margate, where young Deaf people learn social and life skills. The farm is owned by The Royal School for Deaf Children, and is the perfect place to find out how food gets onto your plate in time for Christmas. There’s sheep, chickens, pigs and even bees, with Lee trying to catch his own Christmas turkey! We also meet Deaf farmer Charles Gibson, who tells us about how his family have farmed for generations. Meanwhile, Lilli cooks up a Christmas feast with some special guests who share their memories of Wicked’s all four series.

This is Episode 8 of Series 4; you can watch the other Wicked programmes here.



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