Still Here

A comedy about a group of ageing Deaf Club performers rallying together.

26m 30s

Comedy drama (2012) about a group of Deaf club performers who have been performing together for over 30 years. When one of them falls ill, their lives are thrown into turmoil, because she has been the one keeping them together.  Still Here is a black comedy that looks at friendship, ageing and change, and celebrates the senior members of the Deaf club community. The film features some of the UK’s longest-serving Deaf actors, includingJean St Clair and the late Hal Draper, plus Deaf comedian John Smith. It was written by Alison Lynch and directed by Louis Neethling, and produced by Mutt and Jeff Pictures.

Winner of Best Actor (John Smith) at Ippocampus Ciak (2012); Best Comedy at Toronto International Deaf Films & Arts Festival (2013); Best Actor (Hal Draper) at Deaffest (2013); Best Actress (Jean St Clair) at Clin d'Oeil (2013); Best Director (Louis Neethling) and Best Screenplay at International Sign Language Festival (2013); Best Comedy/Musical at Seattle Deaf Film Festival (2014)



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