Four Deaf Yorkshiremen Go Dating

Angus and Vikram decide to have a dating contest, with Fred as referee. Is it really just for fun or will it get serious?!

27m 21s

Comedy (2022) about the adventures of four grumpy old deaf men in a Yorkshire village.  In this episode, three of the men go on dates. Tim is desperate to make a good impression when he goes out with Madeline, while Angus and Vikram have a dating competition, with Fred's help... but who will win?!  Starring Matt Kirby, Christopher Laing, Julian Peedle-Calloo, John Smith, Jean St Clair and Patsy Gorman.  A Mutt & Jeff Pictures production in association with Eyewitness Media, written by Charlie Swinbourne, produced by Camilla Arnold and directed and edited by Louis Neethling.



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