Secret Lab 3: Genetics

Professor Knowitall and his two assistants find out how our genes shape us.

13m 38s

Factual series (2015). Series 3. Explaining all the mysteries of the world of science in BSL! In this episode, Dr Bright goes on a quest to find out more about how our DNA and genes shape us.  Dr Spark is then given the challenge to pair up non-identical twins in her quest to find out how identical and non-identical twins are created. Produced by Flashing Lights for BSLBT.

Learn more about the scientific words in the Glossary!

This is Episode 2 of 4; you can watch Episode 1 (Crude Oil and Fossil Fuel) here, Episode 3 (Periodic Table) hereEpisode 4 (The Respiratory System) here, Episode 5 (Acids, Alkalis and Salts) here, and Episode 6 (Humans and the Environment) here.



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