Secret Lab 3: Crude Oil & Fossil Fuel

Professor Knowitall and his two assistants discover where petrol is from.

In this episode, Dr Spark is curious to find out where petrol comes from. She visits an oil refinery where, to her surprise, she learns that petrol is extracted from crude oil.

Back in the lab, Professor Knowitall shows Dr Bright the process of refining oil.

Dr Spark is then teleported to a recycling centre where she learns the importance of preserving crude oil; will she carry on recycling when she returns from her trip?

Please do have a look at the glossary clip and behind-the-scenes clip below to learn more about this programme! 

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  • Its really amazing to understand the way of expressing and lots of knowledge got about crude oil. With lots of crude scenario the recycling part was pretty cool... We all should follow the recycling of plastics to make the environment good.
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  • This programme is so excellent! It makes science easy and exciting. Do you know the amazing French programme C'est pas sorcier... just as great. But Science Lab has a plus, it is bilingual. We need more intelligent stuff like this.
    Posted on
  • Good speed of finger spelling for a level2 learner and content. Liked the words on the screen that helped to understand as a visual learner
    Posted on

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