Secret Lab 1: Electricity and energy

Discover electricity and energy

14m 35s

Factual series (2011). Series 1. Explaining all the mysteries of the world of science in BSL! In this episode, Professor Knowitall and his sidekicks Dr Spark and Dr Bright explain how electricity becomes light. Can energy be measured? Can it be created or destroyed? And what is the difference between renewable energy and non-renewable energy? Dr Bright goes to Didcot power station and to a wind farm to tell us how coal is converted into electricity to give us light, and whether wind can be a source of energy for years to come. Produced by Drip Media and Remark! Production for BSLBT.

This is Episode 2 of 4; you can watch Episode 1 (Forces) here, Episode 3 (Volcanoes) here, and Episode 4 (Space and Gravity) here.



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