Secret Lab 1: Forces

Find out about forces with Professor Knowitall, Dr Spark and Dr Bright!

Professor Knowitall and his sidekicks Dr Spark and Dr Bright explain how forces govern our world. But how are forces measured? What part do magnitude, direction and resistance play? Dr Spark visits an ice rink to show how the size of each surface area affects how fast she can skate, and in turn, how friction works! Professor Knowitall then shows why boats travel faster with a V-shaped bow. Aimed at children of Key Stage 3 level.

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  • hi my name is holly can i aks you is what how do sun turns to moon
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  • Wicked to see Mr Bright does his own stunt.
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  • This is fantastic! I will use this for our Hearing Impaired students to learn about forces. Its interesting and funny great way to learn. More like this please.
    Thank you
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  • Hahaha that is great thank to show that I would love this and also thank you I need to learn that thank you for all
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