Punk Chef on the Road Series 2: Episode 5

This time, Punk Chef Scott Garthwaite travels to Northern Ireland to enjoy a spot of comfort food... and get involved in some sport!

27m 56s

Lifestyle (2019).  Scott "Punk Chef" Garthwaite travels to Northern Ireland to enjoy some comfort food!  He starts his visit by meeting acclaimed cook and food writer Paula McIntyre who tells him why Northern Ireland has such a big association with comfort food.  In Belfast, Scott meets Louise Russell, a Deaf home cook who is infamous amongst friends and family for her Bannock Bread, then visits Garth Horner at Horner’s Farm to learn more about seasonal Northern Irish potatoes.  Scott finishes off his whirlwind tour by joining a Deaf Belfast-based basketball team's training session!  Directed by Sebastian Cunliffe; a Hungry Gap production for BSLBT.

To try out Punk Chef's recipe from this episode, download them below:

Atlantic ocean fish stew with traditional wheaten bread (For text only, click here)

Champion champ with local butcher's sausages and red wine onion gravy (For text only, click here)

Punk's stout cake with Irish liqueur cream and blackberries (For text only, click here)



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