The Muddy Boot Room Series 1: Episode 7

All the latest goings-on in Deaf football, with Joseph Sheridan, reporters and guests!

27m 17s

Football highlights (2019).  Presenter Joseph Sheridan is joined in the studio by former Sunderland Manager Scott Garthwaite where they discuss Coronavirus and the EDF’s decision to suspend the league. In match action – teams took part in the EDF Challenge cup with Reporter Rinkoo Barpaga at an eventful game between St. John’s and St. Albans, and Annie Starkie reports on more EDF Cup matches.  Also, a quick look at the first GB Deaf Football Training Camp with new GB and England Manager Andrew Smith.  This month's Muddy Boot Room Challenge was taken by Bristol City! An ITV SignPost production for BSLBT.    

Winner of Visual Sports Media of the Year at Deaf Sports Personality of the Year (2020).



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