The Muddy Boot Room Series 1: Episode 1

Join Adam Bassett and his guests in the Boot Room to discuss the best of the month's Deaf football - on and off the pitch.

27m 0s

Football highlights (2019).  In the action-packed first episode of The Muddy Boot Room, presenter Adam Bassett is joined in the studio by England Deaf Football Secretary, Oliver Eadsforth, and former England Deaf Footballer Annie Starkie.  Reporter Amy Mace brings us the Match of the Month, and Marios Costi reports on the England Women’s Deaf Futsal team. We find out more about Blackburn’s Miles Lloyd, and Farsley Celtic are the first team to take part in The Muddy Boot Room Challenge!  An ITV SignPost production for BSLBT.

Winner of Visual Sports Media of the Year at Deaf Sports Personality of the Year (2020).



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