Getting Personal with Louise Stern

Deepa Shastri meets conceptual artist Louise Stern, who left her "Deaf bubble" in America for the London art scene.

27m 58s

Interview programme (2019).  Deepa Shastri meets conceptual artist Louise Stern to find out why she gave up a life in America, where she was surrounded by Deaf people and American Sign Language, for London’s art world where hardly anyone could converse with her through sign language.  Louise, who is fourth generation Deaf, explains how mixing with hearing people in the art world and at yoga class liberated her from the feeling of being reliant on interpreters, opening up new possibilities.  Finally, Deepa gains an insight into why Louise took the risk of uprooting her life from America and venturing into the unknown.   Produced and directed by Cathy Heffernan; a Drummer TV production for BSLBT.



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