Close Up 3: Paddy Ladd (Part 3)

Tessa Padden interviews Dr Paddy Ladd about how he came to create the word ‘Deafhood’ in 1993.

Chat show. The third series of Close Up, the BSL Zone's in-depth interviews with well-known Deaf people. In this episode, Tessa Padden interviews Dr Paddy Ladd about his experiences and research which led him to come up with the word ‘Deafhood’ in 1993. Now, 25 years later, Deafhood Studies have taken off all over the world. However, this ground-breaking work has been achieved at the cost of suffering and loss in his personal life. A BSLBT production, produced by Tessa Padden and Bob Duncan.

This is Part 3 of 3; watch Part 1 here or Part 2 here.

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  • This is a best part about Deafhood.
    Posted on
  • I've seen part 1,2,&3 it's a wonderful story! With your 'Deafhood' has given more understanding of deaf culture for those people who doesn't know about deaf culture.
    It's great to keep the history of the deaf culture as it shows how the older generation has struggled and fight for the deaf barriers/community. All for those things of what older generations has went through we should appreciate the older generations as some areas of deaf barriers, knowlodge of deaf world, media about deaf culture, deaf clubs and all other awareness has improved in someways. Everyone is allowed to have own their own opinions.
    Well done you Paddy for telling us your sensitive and inspiring story. 
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  • Thank you BSL Zone for this amazing program.
    And thank you, Paddy:
    - For being a brave soldier of the Deaf World;
    - For all that you have given and still give to Deaf people who are finding a path to love and treasure themselves;
    - For all that you give hearing people as well: your work creates Deaf allies (like me), working with Deaf communities to collect and share the cultural richness of the Deaf world, aiming towards a future where being Deaf is valued as an enriching piece in the human experience.
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  • i Really enjoyed watching Paddy Ladd they should make a film about his life  
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  • I have seen all 3 video of Paddy's interview and am fascinated by his life story - he is a very humble man despite being pioneer of so many things for Deaf Community. Paddy - thank you for sharing your powerful story, you may not realise, without your gift of 'spotting the gaps', we wouldn't have enjoy the benefits of Deaf TV programmes, growth of Deaf professionals, challenging the Deaf education system, educating Deaf and hearing people about our strengths and changing the situation from negative to positive. Like you, I'm social worker by profession and work as Sensory Services Team Manager - I can empathise with you about the challenges of working with deaf children/ young people and adults who 'fallen through the system'.  Keep going - you have the love and peace from many people who respect you and your work. Thank you and sending you hugs from us all.
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  • Intested about Paddy Ladd
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