Ever wanted to be in a game show?

Posted on 10th December 2021

Introducing Sign 2 Win - the first ever TV game show in BSL!

Do you want to be in a game show, presented by the amazing Fifi Garfield - and have the chance to win a cash prize?!

Drummer TV are looking for contestants for this fun and entertaining show. They are looking for teams of two - any pairing is welcome, e.g. mother / son, friends, partners, grandparent /grandchild, siblings, work colleagues.

So...  Can you sign?  Are you over 18?  Do you want to win a cash prize of £1,000??

Are you free on two of these dates: 7th, 8th, 20th, 21st, 22nd or 23rd January 2022?

If your answer is YES to everything,  please email gameshow@drummertelevision.com and Drummer TV will get in touch with more information!


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