The End and Dot at Dövfilm Festival in Sweden!

Posted on 7th November 2019

Two BSL Zone films are going to be screened in Stockholm, Sweden at the 20th Dövfilm FestivalDot, and The End.  The festival is taking place on 22nd to 23rd November.  We at BSLBT are very excited to see that our films are still being enjoyed by many others in different countries, and that the filmmakers’ talents are being recognised.  Hats off to the Dot and The End teams!

Dövfilm is a Swedish term that translates into ‘Deaf film’ – the festival is run by Stockholms Dövas Förening (Stockholm Deaf Association) and has been running the festival since 2000.  That’s almost two decades of celebrating Deaf films!  If you want to find out more about the festival, you can go to their website here.  Please be aware that the website is in Swedish.

Also, here’s a fun fact – their fingerspelling is very unique.  I’ll show you how they fingerspell BSL Zone (see video).

You can watch Dot here, and The End here.


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