Wicked Revisited: Episode 1

In this first episode of Wicked Revisited, Julian and Kori look back at Deaf people who live on the edge!

27m 24s

Magazine programme (2019). In the Wicked Revisited series, we take a look back at some special characters and unforgettable moments from the original run of Wicked and interview some of the contributors as they join us in looking back at their time on the programme. In this first episode, we look back at daredevils - Deaf people who live life with no limits, chasing their adrenaline rush! Julian and Kori look back at some archive footage of UK’s Deaf Go Karting team and a rock climber with an added adrenaline-fuelled twist - and they’re joined in the studio by Andrew Taylor, a Deaf sailor who has conquered the oceans. Produced and directed by Ashley Kendall; a Flashing Lights Media production for BSLBT.



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