Up For It? Series 2: Episode 1

Talented Deaf triathlon fans star in the first episode of Series 2 of Up For It?... lots more, too!

14m 8s

Series for children and their families (2018). The Bojas brothers, Cameron and Zachary, are both great at swimming, cycling and running; Rosie goes to see them compete in the Ripon Triathlon. Back in the studio, there’s a challenge and a special surprise! Comedian Danny shows us his version of a triathlon, and Naomi and Ricco give us a special performance in Visual Vernacular. A BSLBT production, in collaboration with Blue Marlin, ITV Signpost and Mutt and Jeff Pictures.

This is Episode 1 of 4; you can watch Episode 2 here, Episode 3 here, and Episode 4 here.



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