Watch Samuel Dore's drama Supersonic, about a Deaf superhero with a special power.

Drama. When a Deaf boy's father comes back into his life, he discovers a superpower he never knew he had. But can he use it for good, rather than evil? Watch it and find out! Supersonic was directed by Samuel Dore, and stars Jamal AjalaRezene Woldeyesus and Vilma Jackson. The film was produced by Maverick Litchfield-Kelly for Neath Films.

Watch a BSL interview with director Sam Dore by clicking here.

Read an interview with producer Maverick Litchfield-Kelly by clicking here.

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  • I am hoh and learning BSL with my children.  We really enjoyed Supersonic and cannot wait for more episodes. Brilliantly done, and the signing was at a great speed for learners.  Thank you!
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  • Wow, I love this deaf movie name of Supersonic so good. It is my first time 
    Posted on
  • i like your film very great! Hope again see on 2 supersonic?
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  • i am hearing, learning BSL, managed to follow this fine, and really enjoyed it!! Would love to see more programs like this, would be great if it actually made it onto TV!!
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  • Fantastic storyline for this short drama, even though I am hearing it was easy to follow and the actors were great. I hope to see more diverse dramas like this. Would be great if this was made into a TV series or film for mainstream television. 
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  • Great storyline, acting and production! Hope to see Series 2. How communication between deaf and hearing very real! Brilliant!!
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  • Loved working on this drama, was the first time working for the BSL Zone and with Samuel Dore and enjoyed it, would like to work with him again sometime if I could, also the cast and crew where friendly and made me welcome.
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  • It's so good to see Deaf people of color in Deaf Cinema. We need to have more movies like this. I really enjoy it alot!
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  • He is amazing actor and i am not understand his sign but he had different language and mine too. This is brilliant episodes. I love it! More episodes. In Coventry
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  • This a good film.
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  • Will there be more episodes? It´s great.
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