Secret Lab 2: Sound

Professor Knowitall explores sound with Dr Spark and Dr Bright

12m 13s

Factual series (2012). Series 2. Explaining all the mysteries of the world of science in BSL! In this episode, Professor Knowitall and his assistants, Dr Spark and Dr Bright, explain how sound works. How do submarines navigate underwater? Dr Bright gets sent into a submarine to find out! There he learns about sonar and how it helps to make sense of objects in the sea. Later, Dr Knowitall shows how sound causes vibrations, which is how music is created. We also look at how sound energy can pass through liquid and gases. Finally, Dr Bright visits some caves to find out about echoes! Produced by Drip Media and Remark! Production for BSLBT.

This is Episode 4 of 4; you can watch Episode 1 (Aviation) here, Episode 2 (Electromagnetics) here, and Episode 3 (Light) here.



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