In 2167, the Government wipes out deafness. A young Deaf time traveller travels to 2018 to try to change the future.

Sci fi drama. In 2167, a fascist Government uses advances in gene therapy to wipe out Deafness and create a "perfect" society.  A young Deaf time traveller is sent back to 2018 to find the inventor of the cure and change her mind before it's too late.  Starring Mia Ward, Lisa Kelly, Rose Ayling-Ellis, Connor Bryson, Kelsey Gordon and Matt Kyle.  Directed by Samuel Dore and produced for BSLBT by Screen Northants.

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  • Fantastic piece of filming, it resonated with me and this issue is happening right now in the real world. Well Done Sam for making this.
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  • Beautifully made. Highly imaginative and thought-provoking. It will reverberate with me for a long time.
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  • Excellent. Really enjoyed it. Thank you
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  • Very entertaining!
    Wasn't so sure at the start, as very slow to get in to it... But fascinating premise, very intriguing!
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  • It was a brilliant sci-fi drama. All the new actors are terrific. Great settting present and future of course it looked like Star Wars style I know this story was very short. Ideally it would be tv series like cbbc. I liked this flm very much. But it is seemed not at the end. Is it would continue part 2 or make the series? Well done to the casts and crew. High recommendation to watch this especially young and sci-fi fans.
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