Punk Chef: Kids Challenge (Episode 2)

Who will win the Young Punk Chef award? Watch and find out!

Punk Chef has a mission: to get the Deaf community eating better, cooking better and feeling better! And now, he's finding out who Britain's best young Deaf chefs are. Here, you can see the second part of his brand new special, where four teams of Deaf children compete to win the Young Punk Chef Award! Which team will win? Watch it and find out!

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you watch Episode 1! Click here to see it.

Punk Chef was made by Remark Media.

Meet the contestants in our special online clips:

Recipe PDF (click to download):

Chocolate and banana smoothie

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  • the blue team should have had their hair tied back. 
    All teams did really well.
    try adult Deaf  Young  cooking challenge? 
    Posted on
  • congratulations red team, well done Zac, you are an inspiration.
    Posted on
  • I just want to thank you all very very much for the very enjoyable programme with the "Punk Chef" and the children.
    It was delightful! although sad when some of them were eliminated from the competition. Nevertheless they took it well. I wonder if we can have more of them, please. Thank you again.
    Posted on
  • Congratulations to red team!
    Posted on
  • Kudos to Red team for their ups and downs to prevailed and comes out a winner! Sure have their emotions influence upon me as the show get the peaks and valleys of climax to the end! I actually did root for purple team... Hope Punk Chef will have other challenge episode soon!!!

    Chef yer,
    Kurt the Irish chef
    Posted on
  • I enjoyed to watched before the final, I would think the team may be win but at the end of day - really impressive. Congratulation the winner team. Hope continue next new programme for young children.
    Posted on
  • amazing i love i watch it, so cute deaf children cook that good idea how future make Brave, i love watch more cant wait new next!
    Posted on

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