The Beautiful Game

Marios Costi looks at issues that threaten the future of Deaf football, the sport at the heart of the British Deaf community.

Documentary.  Marios Costi, a footballer for St John's Deaf Football Club in London, has been involved in football all his life. In The Beautiful Game, he talks to different people who are involved in English Deaf football to find out more about it.  How is it affected by current issues with funding and with players transferring to other teams?  What might the future hold?  Produced and directed for BSLBT by ITV SignPost.

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  • Not too bad. Sounds like a sequel another programme 'Does Deaf football have a future?'
    Posted on
  • You are correct that this programme is based on the English Deaf Football League. We simply meant that Deaf Football (in general) is is at the heart of the British Deaf community. Apologies if any offence was caused! - BSL Zone
    Posted on
  • Why are you saying it is about the British Deaf Community when it is plainly focused on English deaf football. THAT is RIDICULOUS! Time for Deaf TV programme to be made in Scotland.
    Posted on

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