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BSLBT is looking for new factual producers and/or directors!

Do you want to produce, direct – or produce and direct – a full-length factual programme or documentary for BSLBT?   

Good news! BSLBT and Drummer TV are working together to launch a new initiative for Deaf people ready to move up in their careers and produce, direct or produce-direct a programme.

Who is this initiative for?

People who have worked on documentaries or factual TV at assistant producer (AP) or senior researcher level – or equivalent.  

You need to have experience of finding good contributors or characters and thinking about what makes a good story.  Maybe you have worked on full length programmes, but would like to get more producing/directing experience?  If that’s you, you can apply!  

We especially welcome producers, directors and PDs from communities currently underrepresented in the TV industry, reflecting diversity of ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to meet your access needs.

How will it all work? 

If you are successful, you will be working with an experienced factual production company, Drummer TV.
They will work with you from the start through to the end of the project to make a half-hour programme for broadcast.  

If you are successful, we will discuss a development and production plan with you that fits in with your other commitments. We can look at filming during your annual leave/weekends if you have other work. The project will be carried out during 2023.

Can you see yourself doing this? Read on!

I’m interested! How can I apply?

You must confirm that you are: 

  • Deaf 
  • over 18
  • live in the UK 
  • have the right to work in the UK

You also must confirm that your idea is your solely yours and exclusive.  You agree to let both BSLBT and Drummer TV personnel discuss your idea – and accept that your idea might change quite a bit during development. You agree that your application will be archived and saved on our internal IT systems.  You understand that your idea may be similar to an idea BSLBT may already have in progress or that may be progressed in the future.  Any questions, please arrange a video call via WhatsApp on 07933 821911 or email us

Application process

You can meet either BSLBT’s EP or one of Drummer’s creative directors to discuss your ideas with them before the deadline – see above. After that you must either send us THREE BSL videos or write THREE documents in English:

    Tell us about yourself and your media career- highlights and challenges, and where you see yourself in five years’ time.(Video: 4 minutes maximum, OR document: 400 words maximum)

    Tell us about your favourite documentary you have seen recently and tell us what you liked about this programme – style, story, characters, any other elements.
    Also, did it inspire your own work in any way? 
    Was there one thing you would change, or not?
    (Video: 3 minutes maximum, OR document: 300 words maximum)

  • VIDEO C/DOCUMENT C (treatment)
    Create a treatment for your story EITHER in BSL (5 minutes maximum) or in written English (500 words maximum). 

    BSLBT and Drummer TV would like to receive your idea for a 28-minute observational documentary telling a story in the present time, not the past. We want a stand-out deaf contributor who goes on a journey across the duration of the programme. They may be facing a challenge they want to overcome or be making a big life-changing decision – or something important might be happening in their family/personal life.  Filming must take place in the UK. 

How to do a treatment

A treatment is a step-by-step explanation of your vision for your documentary which you can deliver in either BSL or ENGLISH.  This needs to include:

  1. The log line: this is the overall message of your film. What do you want your audience to realise? This should make them excited to watch the documentary! This should be a short statement lasting about 30 seconds in BSL or 50 words in written English. 
  2. A brief synopsis: a summary of your documentary from start to finish. This should take about 60 seconds in BSL or 100 written words.
  3. Explain in detail the story arc, characters and location of the film. Tell it like a story, from start to end, what happens, who does what and what are the main events. This should take about 3 and a half minutes in BSL or 350 written words.

Your idea should be affordable on a low budget. Include in your video or words how you will shoot this in two or three days, use minimal locations and minimal contributors (check sign)

Upload video A, B and C to and send them to Put your name on the file name.
Email your word documents to Put your name on each document.  


Reference and Privacy Notice:

You must provide a reference from someone who you have worked with in television or film who thinks you have the potential to make a 28 minute factual programme. They must explain why they think you can do this. This can be in BSL or it can be a written reference.  

Please click here to read the BSLBT Privacy Notice.  Then please send us an email to confirm that you have understood it.  Attach the written reference, or send us a BSL reference and inform us that you have sent your videos via WeTransfer. 

If you have any more questions, please email us and we can arrange a Zoom chat or reply by email. 

Good luck with your application!

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