An update on BSLBT's Script Bank scheme!

Posted on 17th April 2020

You may be wondering what’s going on behind the scenes at BSLBT – we’re busy with various projects including our Script Bank scheme.  The five writers have been developing their half-hour drama ideas and the BSLBT Script Bank team were so impressed by the way the projects had developed, as well as the dedication of the writers, that they recommended BSLBT commissioned all five projects for a further stage of development. 

The five writers are just about to deliver their first draft scripts.  They will continue to develop and work on them, with final drafts submitted in September for BSLBT to decide about which ones will go forward for production.

Julian Peedle-Calloo, one of the Script Bank writers, said; “I’ve learnt a lot from attending the Script Bank workshops and met a mixture of well-known writers and newcomers.  We get together to share our ideas and suggestions on each other’s stories, so we have to be thick skinned like actors!”

Another of the writers, Sol Warwick, added, “Starting with no script writing experience, in the last few months I have learnt so much and I'm super grateful to be part of the Script Bank team!”

“Script Bank is a unique talent development programme in that the writers accepted into the scheme receive fully accessible 1-2-1 support, tailored writing training/workshops and they are also contracted and paid to deliver written treatments and full scripts to set deadlines,” said John Maidens, a Script Bank Development Team member. “It is highly a bespoke and ambitious project and presently there is no other talent development scheme like this in the UK.  The BSLBT are to be applauded for putting their money where their mouth is by whole-heartedly investing in and supporting new creative writing talent.  I believe they will reap plentifully from what they have sown.”

All the best of luck to all five writers – we look forward to seeing how you all get on!


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