Three new short films are being made very soon

Posted on 13th February 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve commissioned some new short films!

Munro is a documentary directed by Samuel Ash, working with Drummer TV.  In it, we follow climber David Thompson, as he completes his final ascent in Hugh Munro’s challenge – successfully climbing 282 summits!

We also have two new dramas; firstly, Only If, which is about a motorcyclist who has an unique experience!  This is being directed by Andrew Sherwood and Benjamin Cheshire, working with Bimmyman Media and Viscape Productions.

Our other drama, PRIDE, comes from the director of Almost, Teresa Garratty, again working with Flashing Lights Media.  This one looks at the challenges of being LGBT+, even nowadays, and even at Pride events.

These all look brilliant and we can’t wait to see how they turn out – keep an eye out for more information about how they’re getting on – many congratulations to all of the filmmakers from us at BSLBT!


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