See Deaf related films on the big screen!

Posted on 19th February 2019

Several events are coming up in the next few weeks, if you want to see our films on the big screen!

Firstly, on 27th February at Kings Theatre in Southsea, as part of their Masterclass Week, Louis Neethling will be leading a session on directing short dramas and sitcoms, particularly Small World, which he will be showing.  Click here for more information and tickets!

Also, the London Short Film Festival’s programme, The Contouring of Deafhoods, will be touring.  It was put together by their Young Deaf programmer Zoë McWhinney, and is being presented in partnership with BSLBT.

This 99 minute set of Deaf related films by Deaf filmmakers, including Ted Evans’ To Know Him, looks at how the D/deaf community must define their sense of Deafhood and self, whilst learning to navigate the wider world with many barriers.

The tour will start in Glasgow on 27th February.  It’ll also be showing in Newcastle, Derby, Birmingham and Lancaster - click here for more information and tickets – the recommended rating is 15.

Happy viewing!


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