Photo focus: Where is the Interpreter? documentary filming

Posted on 19th October 2020

Drummer TV are making a documentary for BSL Zone about the Where is the Interpreter? campaign for the British Government's COVID announcements and briefings to be BSL interpreted on BBC1, with an interpreter standing next to the speaker, so that more people can access them.  Campaigners Lynn Stewart-Taylor and Mark Hodgson recently walked from Gloucester to Number 10 Downing Street in London to raise money for a judical review.  A crew was there to film them as they arrived at the London Eye on Friday 16th October, where they were joined by a group of supporters who walked with them to Downing Street via Parliament Square.  The documentary is being directed by Cathy Heffernan, but on Friday, its producer Julian Peedle-Calloo directed the majority of the shoot, as Cathy had prior arrangements, working with Niall Newport on camera.  Photographs: Samuel Dore.

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