Photo focus: BSL Zone's Top 10 Comedy Moments

Posted on 5th January 2022

If you haven't yet seen BSL Zone's Top 10 Comedy Moments, which went out on Monday, you're in for a treat!  Hosted by Fifi Garfield and featuring James Boyle, Asnath Losala, Ahmed Mudawi, Alex Nowak and Jazzy Whipps, we take a look back at the best and funniest BSL Zone clips of the last decade – what will claim the Number 1 slot?!  And, as you can see from Samuel Dore's colourful unit stills below, they had lots of fun on set too!  A Flashing Lights Media production for BSLBT, BSL Zone's Top 10 Comedy Moments was produced and directed by Teresa Garratty,

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